Challenge League Mission

The Challenge League is for players who love the game of soccer and want to challenge themselves with more than what is offered at the recreational level. The Challenge League will act as a bridge between Recreation-level soccer and Classic-level soccer, and will give the multi-sport athlete who wishes to compete in a variety of sports in the same season the opportunity to do so. The program is unique in the Triad area, with no other Triad soccer club offering a comparable program; this innovative program fills a programming gap in a way that only NC Fusion, the Triad’s model sports organization, can.

Come join us and “Challenge” yourself!


Challenge League Expectations


Who is the Challenge League for?

Players born in 2010 or 2011 will have the opportunity to join the Challenge League for its Spring 2022 season! Players born in those years who are interested in this program can expect two practices a week and eight 7v7 games a season, plus an end-of-season tournament. The eight games each season will be doubled-up on alternating weekends, leaving plenty of opportunities to engage in additional sports or to enjoy a free weekend during the season. Players can register for a single season, or for both seasons at a discounted rate.

Why should I join the Challenge League?

There are several reasons why you should join the Challenge League, you just need to find the right one!

  • The Program offers twice as much training as Recreation soccer, and only half as many weekend commitments as Classic soccer!
  • You can play on your Recreation team and your Challenge team at the same time!
  • All trainings and games will be held at local sports complexes to minimize travel costs!
  • The program enjoys higher-level coaching than Recreation soccer!

Challenge League Leadership

Director & Coaches

The program is overseen by Bryn Lloyd, the Challenge League Director. The Director is assisted by Nick Smith, the Challenge League Administrator. Challenge teams are coached by volunteer coaches trained and supervised by the Director, who will be implementing a innovative curriculum designed by licensed NC Fusion staff coaches.

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