The 11U-14U Fusion Classic Program is designed to create the best training and playing environment possible to help our players increase their technical and increase their understanding of the game. Players will be challenged to compete at a high level and meet the technical, tactical, physical and psychological demands of the game. Players must attend tryouts each spring and teams are selected and formed to compete within the NCYSA fall and spring seasons as laid out by NCYSA.

The Specific Goals of the 11U-14U Classic Program are:

  • To create a positive environment for players, coaches and parents
  • To educate parents about proper expectations in their child’s youth soccer experience
  • To focus on technical and tactical development of each individual player
  • To focus on principles of play within team development
  • To teach a possession based style of play
  • To develop confident and creative players
  • To use evidence based coaching when implementing practice sessions and in game coaching
  • To continue to promote a love and passion for the game of soccer
  • To enhance game understanding and further knowledge and concepts of the game

Age Group / Genders

The 11U-14U Classic Program is open to boys and girls born in 2009-2006.   These teams play in both the fall and the spring seasons.

Director and Coaches

The 11U-14U Classic Program will be coached by Directors and Assistant Directors of Coaching, or by qualified USC/USSF licensed staff.

Commitment – Training and Game Events

The 11U-14U Classic Program is a full year commitment with both a fall(mid August to mid November) and a spring(end of January to beginning of May) season. Training days and time slots will vary based on age and coach commitments.

Games will be played on weekends against other teams in the area with the possibility of an occasional weeknight game. Players will play in 8-11 regular season games per season and 2-4 Tournaments/Events per season depending on level of team. Travel will vary by team and is dependent on which NCYSA division a team is placed in. Teams can be placed in the East, West or Piedmont division. There is a possibility of a tournament being out of state.

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