We are proud to unveil our competitive soccer kits for the 2020/21 and 2021/22 soccer years.  NC Fusion and our supportive sponsors are excited to see our players return to the field in the new Adidas Condivo uniform!!  Click HERE to view the new kits.

Please read the following uniform ordering information very carefully.

  • Each player will receive an individual email from Soccer.com by JULY 17th with a link to purchase a uniform, optional items and fan gear. Each email is tied to the player’s jersey number.  DO NOT ORDER MULTIPLE UNIFORMS FROM THE SAME LINK FROM SOCCER.COM.


  • If you do not receive or lose track of the email from Soccer.com, go to the Soccer.com website, click on “Find Your Team Store” at the top of the page, enter “North Carolina Fusion” as the Team Store Name, click on the North Carolina Fusion logo, search by Team and Player Name.


  • Rising seniors who will be graduating in 2021 will be required to purchase the new kit however, we will offer to buy back jerseys and shorts that are in good condition at the end of the girls and boys seasons in November and May.

Why can’t we use last year’s uniforms?

We completely understand the financial affects that COVID has caused our families and do not make financial decisions without careful consideration and thoroughly investigating all options.  As much as we would like to, we are not able to extend the usage of the past two-year kit.  Inventory of the 2018-2020 kit is no longer available.  Every other year we enter into a 2-year contract with our uniform provider.  We started this process in December (long before COVID). Our uniform provider then calculates and reserves inventory for our club for those two years.  As the inventory is depleted over those two years, new players and players who have outgrown or worn out their uniform are no longer able to replace individual pieces or purchase the entire kit.  Our governing bodies (NCYSA and US Club) do not allow players within a club to wear multiple versions of a uniform kit.


  • Jersey Numbers: As we enter a new 2 year cycle for our uniforms, it is important that we refresh the jersey numbers to allow players to guest play, double roster and move from one team to another during this soccer year and next without requiring a player to purchase an additional uniform. The new start will also reduce the expense and administrative requirements to alter team rosters and player registration information with our state association. For this reason, we are utilizing a jersey number schematic across the east, central, triad and west teams that will help reduce the possibility of duplicate numbers in an age group.   For this 2 year uniform cycle, the even age groups (ie. 12U)  will have even jersey numbers and the odd age groups (ie. 11U) will have the odd jersey numbers. Each team has been assigned a range of numbers that will limit the conflicts with another team within the age group. The purpose of the jersey number is to track yellow and red card violations by the referees.  There is no need for the jersey numbers to match numbers on other items such as warm ups, bags, etc.   There will be no changes to jersey numbers, please do not ask.  Remember, the jersey number on your back has no relation to your identity, position, seniority, ability or effort on the field. 


  • Required items for new and returning field players: Black jersey, black shorts, black socks, white jersey, red shorts, white socks.  


  • Required items for new and returning goal keepers: Long sleeve yellow jersey, yellow shorts, yellow socks.  Level 1 boys goal keepers will be required to purchase the long sleeve mint green GK jersey, which can be worn with black shorts and black socks as the alternate kit.  Optional short sleeve yellow jersey is offered.


  • Optional items for all players

Condivo warm up jacket & pant
Adidas Soccer Bag
Core 18 grey training jersey
Cotton grey training jersey
Core 18 red polo – Level 1 boys will use red polo’s as travel tops


  • Goalkeeper Information:

1) Click on the link in the email from Soccer.com
2) If you do not see the goalkeeper kit in your Soccer.com account, click on the “Recommended” tab
3) Choose the long sleeve yellow jersey, yellow shorts, yellow socks and any other items
4) Click on the “Check Out” button
5) You may remove the field uniform kit if it shows up in the shopping cart
6) Proceed with your purchase


  • 9U-19U girls and 9U-14U boys must purchase the uniform kit in time for the start of the season in early August.  Soccer.com estimates delivery in 3 to 12 business days.  Please plan accordingly and allow extra time due to COVID related delays.  15U-19U boys may purchase uniforms now OR may wait to purchase as long as items are received prior to the start of the spring season in mid-January.


  • Players will be receiving a free training tee provided at the start of training in August. Players are required to wear a grey training shirt to all training sessions. Purchasing additional grey training shirts (cotton or ClimaLite) is optional but highly recommended, saves on washing after each training session!


  • Don’t forget to check out the warmups, bags, balls and training t’s available under the “Recommended” tab as well as all of the fan wear items. You can always purchase these items at a later date, they make great gifts!


  • Players are encouraged to purchase cleats through Soccer.com, the style and brand is up to the individual player.


  • Ordering from a mobile device is not recommended as it can be difficult to navigate.  If you have any issues, please try using a different browser or another device.


  • Due to COVID restrictions and guidelines, we are not able to allow players to try on samples at this time.


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