Fusion Futures Mission

The Fusion Futures program is for all players ages 7U-12U who want to continue improving their skills with an additional training session each week. If your player enjoys the game and has a desire to expand their skill-set, this is a great option! Fusion Futures stresses player development, and focuses on the development of individual skills, technique, and basic game understanding.

A Fusion Futures session will present a different theme each of the six weeks with fun exercises that teach important skills. These necessary skills include: 

    • Skillful soccer moves to get beyond an opponent 
    • Quick turns to get away from pressure and create opportunities
    • Basic and advanced techniques for passing & receiving
    • Intelligent decision-making in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 scenarios

Fusion Futures is for players interested in increasing their technical skill with the ball; to make this happen, the licensed coaching staff need players that are willing to work hard and can consistently attend training sessions. If you have questions, reach out to Bryn Lloyd, the Fusion Futures Director, or Nick Smith, the Fusion Futures Administrator.


Fusion Futures Expectations

Program Cost & Registration

The Fusion Futures program, coached by licensed NC Fusion staff coaches, provides great value at an affordable cost. One session of Fusion Futures costs $100 for six training dates in the designated season. When you are registering in Playmetrics, you may choose Session I, Session II, or you can sign up for both at a discounted rate! This is supplemental program and will show up as a registration item for any player from the 7U-12U age groups in your NC Fusion online account.

Please contact Nick Smith, the Fusion Futures Administrator, if the program is not available to you in Playmetrics.


Who is Fusion Futures for?

Players in the 7u-12u age groups have the opportunity to grow as players in a unique way, coached by licensed NC Fusion staff coaches in an environment focused on player development and innovative fun! Players can expect a hour-long practice on Friday afternoons at a location convenient to you, an can expect a maximum player-to-coach ratio of 12:1. For these hour-long sessions, players will be divided into appropriate groups that will maximize soccer development and create opportunities to learn alongside equally-dedicated peers. However, Fusion Futures is also about having fun, not just technical development; a Jamboree of scrimmaging and music will celebrate the end of every successful six-week session!

Why Should I Register for Fusion Futures?

There are several reasons why you should sign up for Fusion Futures, you just need to find the right one!

  • The Program offers an additional weekly practice for motivated players at an affordable cost!
  • The techniques and decision-making skills learned in Fusion Futures will help players grow into the player they want to be!
  • All weekly sessions will be on Friday afternoons and at convenient sports complexes!
  • The program employs NC Fusion Junior Academy coaches, all of whom successfully prepare players for competitive soccer at the Classic-level!

Fusion Futures Leadership

Director & Coaches

The program is overseen by Bryn Lloyd, the Fusion Futures Director. The Director is assisted by Nick Smith, the Fusion Futures Administrator. Fusion Futures sessions are coached by licensed Junior Academy coaches, who will be implementing a innovative curriculum designed by the Fusion Futures Director.

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