Humility in the Recreation Program

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For those of us that are fortunate enough to witness it on a regular basis, there are few things more pleasing to the human spirit than watching the fields on a Saturday in the Youth Recreation Program.  Hundreds and hundreds of young players learning the game and enjoying themselves.  If you look closely, you’ll see the humility of the recreation coach and it is nothing less than inspiring.  In the NC Fusion Youth Recreation Program, it is commonplace to see a mother who is a high level executive, adept at negotiating high dollar deals and managing hundreds of employees completely focused on somebody else’s 7 year old and whether or not the child understands that he is the right forward instead of the left forward.  You can see more than one former ACC men’s soccer player, not talking tactics in a high level match.  But rather, tending to the shoe laces of a 4 year old who may or may not ever kick a ball in the direction she’s trying to, but knows that she belongs on a team thanks to him.  In short, you’ll see countless coaches who may be experts in their field, and may work countless hours during the week, and still find the time  to volunteer in an effort to use soccer to positively impact our young players’ lives.  The humility on display on a recreation Saturday is remarkable. Yet our recreation coaches see it as commonplace.

Andrew Fleming,  NC Fusion Recreation Program Director


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