How can I be considered for NC Fusion Level 1 ECNL Boys (National) and ECNL Boys (Regional) teams? 

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to hold ‘traditional’ try-outs for NC Fusion teams as we normally would. This has left us, and all other clubs to, use other methods to help select our Level 1 teams which include; ECNL Boys (national), and ECNL Boys (regional). The NC Fusion talent identification and then talent selection process involves constant assessment and evaluations of players from coaches all season, not just at ‘try-outs’. Constant communication between Level 1, Level 2 and Leve 3 staff along with consistently updated depth charts ensure we are places players correctly. We also acknowledge we will make mistakes and have strategies to deal with that, if and when it occurs.

*If we are allowed to get back on the field in small groups over the next couple of months we will announce any ‘Talent ID Sessions’ on our website

Option 1– I already play for NC Fusion:

State your intent to play in Level 1 ECNL Boys (national) and ECNL Boys (regional) by indicating on your try out registration TRIAD. Once you have been placed on your NC Fusion team for fall 2020 (if not in Level 1) let your coach know you would like to be considered. They will let our staff know of your intent and we will monitor your progress through the fall; receiving monthly feedback from your coach in our talent identification & development meetings. All player placement will be reviewed at the end of the fall. Those players who have indicated their desire to play at Level 1 AND NC Fusion coaching staff agree are potentially ‘at the level’, maybe offered opportunities to train and/or play with those teams temporally or permanently. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR TRY-OUTS UNDER TRIAD

*Please contact Kristen at if you need assistance with the registration process*


Option 2– I do not already play for NC Fusion:

If you have played against NC Fusion or attended our talent ID sessions there is a good chance we have some notes on you. If you can supply us with some or all of the below information our staff will be able to gauge if you would be a good fit for Level 1 ECNL Boys (National) and ECNL Boys (Regional) teams:

  1. Name
  2. Current/last team you play on
  3. Level you are currently playing at (DA, ECNL, Classic etc.)
  4. Coach reference (s)
  5. Recent video footage

Contact details

If we feel you are ‘at the level’ then you will be offered the opportunity to attend pre-season training in August (normally first 2-3 weeks of August) or whenever we are allowed to return to play in the fall. You will be sent more details on this process on your invitation.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR TRY-OUTS UNDER TRIAD

*Please contact Kristen at if you need assistance with the registration process*



 Questions regarding the Level 1 Boys Program? 

Contact Head of Level 1: Adam Reekie,

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