What is the Girls Pre ECNL/Elite?

Competitive Platform:
The Triad East and West teams are the highest level of programming for the U11-U12 age groups. The teams will compete in the NCYSA 1st Division. In addition to league play, teams will compete in State and Regional events.

Program Goals:
The goal of this program is to develop and prepare players for the Triad ECNL and Elite Program. The U11-U12 Triad teams will bring together competitive, dedicated and enthusiastic soccer players, while also helping to develop relationships and connectedness amongst the players at the NC Fusion East and West.

Training Platform:
The Triad East/West teams will train twice per week at the home club location (BB&T or Smith) and once a week in Kernersville to combine with players from each location. Players participating on these development teams will be trained by our top Triad coaches to prepare players for the NC Fusion ECNL/Elite

NC Fusion Triad Development Team Benefits:

  • Player Development & Relationship Building in preparation for the 11v11 and team transitions that take place at U13
  • Quality Coaching – USSF Licensed Head Coaches
  • Direct access to the Triad ECNL/Elite Program
  • Participation in Regional and National Tournaments
  • Program Specific Director
  • Consistent connectedness and training with top players in NC Fusion

Tournament Team Design:

Players will participate in Six Elite tournaments throughout the calendar year:

  • 1 Fall & 1 Spring – With assigned East / West team
  • 2 Fall & 2 Spring – Mixed geographically and either balanced or tiered by level

This will be done to provide proper balance and opportunity for players from East and West to play together to begin to form interpersonal relationships, camaraderie, and comfort playing with one another.

Important Information:

  • All players will receive monthly feedback to help aide their development. Feedback will always be action-based to allow players to see the steps of how to improve. Feedback will always be given prior to a tournament or event.
  • Team selection at events that are mixed will be done by both East/West coaches, with oversight from the Triad Directors.
  • Selection for these events is not an indicator for tryout selection and player movement at the U13 ECNL/Elite level.
  • These events will also serve as an evaluation for our staff to see the development of our players on a regional/national scale.
  • These events will prepare our players and staff for the next level of play as they progress through the Triad Program and highlight any gaps in development.
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